I am so confused

Every generation has to deal with change. Life, society, laws. perceptions.. life evolves like that and we adapt! We get over old stereo types and a 75 year old who used to gay bash, now has an openly gay friend who takes care of him. That is life.

Life.. we only live it once. (Well depending on your religion) But really, who are we and who are you in the fabric of things? Just asking, are you all about you and your own time in your life, are you about the health of the planet for future generations, are you just trying to survive?


Who am I?

Who am I and what really matters.

The survival of the planet…. I will pick up on this post. Living in Ecuador, as living in North America is not financially feasible, I have a different out look. I love this country, my life yet I feel I should be doing more to assist in the planets’s continued existence. But I am getting old, the fight is going out of me. I feel myself getting lost between outright hostility and forgiveness for the ignorant. I am confused.

Stay tuned

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