Where do we go now?

Myself, like thousands, possibly hundred of thousands of victims have come forward, retelling horrid cases of abuse. Not only by their abusers but of the society that supports them by truly not wanting to deal with the issues.

Tell me where do we go for justice? And maybe not even justice but acceptance by our own friends,family, communities for having the strength to retell what was a horrid part of our lives, in order that someone else does not have to live through the same? How do we become whole again? If we have no support ….tell me why come forward and do the right thing?  WE  who deserve not only an ear and  empathy but the support of our judicial system and community, without that …where do we go? Why is this world still in this day and age supporting silence over justice?

W-O-M-A-N  We make up about half of the planet. Only woman produce the human population, without them.. we do not exist. The same would be said about men, but does that still make us chattel?

I’m truly at a cross roads.

I believe in justice, but when justice is bought , paid for, ignorant and blind, I will admit I believe in the old justice.

W.P. Kinsella wrote a story I have never forgotten, he got me first with FENCE POST CHRONICLES but ” Dance me outside“, is a story about the rape and murder of a First Nations Girl on an Alberta Reserve. How the white man got a minimal sentence and how vengeance by her sisters was …final.

This story is close to my heart and my history.

And I feel nothing for what happened to the man who raped me as a young girl; nothing  nothing at all. But I am talking about it tonight…soo…

For that, I am not sure how it has affected me as a person over the years, that justice/vengeance unable to be dealt with by an unfair court system could be dealt by persons who wanted to stop a serial rapist.

Three quarters of my life on this earth later… and I still have no answer on this. But the fact I truly feel nothing for this mans justice brought by others in a community who identified & recognised a serial rapist and dealt with him……

I should feel something

But I do not








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