Is this the discussion we should be having?

It’s hopeless if we don’t have the deep discussion about how and why people come to hate. No matter if it’s about cultural groups, religion, races,  gender, political alliances, sexual orientation or what ever brought them to the point of unadulterated hatred; Without our talking to each other openly, we will get nowhere.

We have to stop trying to convince people their way of thinking is askew. We have to be asking at minimum the 5 w’s and then listening without judgement.Maybe we should be talking the ABOUT;

Who in your life influenced your opinions…..

What happened in your life ………

Where was the first time when recall feeling this way…

When did you find that there were people who felt like you/ people who oppose your views….

Why do you feel that your opinion is the only one….

These might not be the exact questions I may ask, but it is food for thought. Might I find a man/child whose Mother was raped and murdered by a person of race .A family provider who was living out of his car for years who hates that his job and life were lost to China. A women, who was raised in a home of anti-semitic men, a father and grandfather who ruled with an iron fist.  Might I talk with a person who blames the family break-down on a sibling who came out of the closet. 

We have to start to talk, talk and listen and not judge.

But maybe when we are listening to their stories, we could ask them, “How does that make you feel?” And then really listen….Maybe then we will begin to understand just what is broken, and possibly we can help start the healing.

Ok no matter how much I believe this may help, I’m listening to Trump on PBS, thinking.. Could I have an open an honest conversation with this man on his views? Do you know what came to my mind….



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