How can we just accept ignorance as an excuse?

plato1-2xThere have been many times in my life when I have made excuses for people’s words and behaviour as I know them to be ignorant of the facts.    

With the elections coming up it made me look up Socrates. He was worried about the problems posed by an uneducated and easily lead population having power over the state. I too have that worry, but did Socrates ever have to worry about the persons running for political office were as or more ignorant than the voting base?

We have watched inept and greedy politicians shape our countries for many years. I have seen nothing that disturbs me more than this President spouting lies and total unsubstantiated fallacies to adoring, cheering crowds.

I have tried very hard to try to understand why they believe this man is “Just like us”. But for the life of me I just don’t get it! I could quote, (fact checked) and show interviews from this man who lies about almost any given fact. And when called out by the press to confirm his own statements and meanings will only reply by calling the media unfair liars. 

I am so confused as to why people in this day and age can not be bothered to educate themselves.  


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