A little less conversation, a little more action….. Taking on a new meaning today

A little less conversation


No one wants that label. No one ever thinks that they will ever be traumatized in such a way as to have word linked forever to them, like a brand on your forehead when people look at you. You ask yourself. “Is it me reading too much into that look I just got, that sad sympathetic look, or the eye rolling look that makes me feel like no matter what I say from here on out.. YOU WILL ONLY THINK OF ME AS A SURVIVOR.. Damn that makes me so MAD!

Traumatized, stigmatized, labeled….Where did my sense of me go??  Why does just telling my story make you cringe away from me? I haven’t told it often, my life story, my life has made me who I am, good, bad, happy, sad, stronger, afraid. I am no different from most of you, except…..   I broke the silence…..

Now I’m thinking

A little less conversation and ALOT more action!



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