Thank-you, I appreciate those who took the time to write. (At least now I know this site is active!)

I will always hold your confidence and never “leak”; (I’m old but not that old, no depends needed as yet..LOL)

October 3rd 2018

So much has happened over the past few years. My life has changed dramatically but so has the world. I find myself discussing the media and the peoples of the US more and more. Is Trump getting in my head,does he have a point, did he shift the way our news is directed or does corporate money direct what we see and hear and shape our views?

Are we trying so hard to just survive another day that we just can’t, won’t listen to what is happening in our world. Did anyone catch the PBS viewing of Dark Money?

As I watched this documentary, (Which by the way…everyone with half a brain should watch and take note!) I was thinking again of news cycles of the past year, the kids fighting for gun control, their want and wish to feel safe in school, the #METOO movement, the White House siding with Russia over their own intelligence agencies, the Vegas shootings, twitter! and a world gone crazy as the president of the US systematically unfriends it’s allies  ………………..

I don’t blame the 18>40 year olds for not taking an active part in politics. At the same age I was also so busy trying to achieve, survive, live; that I had no room left in my brain to take on domestic or world issues. Hindsight they say is 20-20; “I should have been as involved in politics as I was in my child’s education.”

Education is what it’s about. We are truly not taught in our school systems in such a way as to impress the importance of government and your voice and your ears! Why did it take me until 60 to recognise that a government unchecked  is not a democracy anymore. We take for granted that people we elect are working hard for..for us, it’s their job! DUGHHHH, dang when did we become so.. damn dense?

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